Sunday, 15 July 2007


Rustic Property Mallorca can show how some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Mallorca are hidden behind thick natural stone walls in the inland area of the island, especially in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. Rustic Property in Mallorca is a term which evokes simple country life, often rivals five star hotels with regard to comfort. Not to mention the richness and versatilty it has to offer.

The stately homes recall the aristocratic life of bygone days. In some beautifully preserved farms, the landlady will treat us to her culinary delicacies. There is even the possiblility of renting whole country estates. Rural life has the benefit of silence, a silence only occasionally broken by the bleating of flocks of sheep, a silence in keeping with the desire for the peace and solitude of genuine Mallorcan tradition. Rustic Property in Mallorca is a hermit world which seduces the senses.

If you want to experience rustic life in Mallorca then you need to rent a property in the rural countryside. I recommend that you find a rustic property in Mallorca either by finding a great "hotel motel" or buy renting a car and exploring the countryside to really get stuck into rustic property Mallorca.


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